Financial tombstones

Commemorate the closing of your latest deal
with a special memento.


Celebrate in style by presenting your winners
with a stunning award.

Corporate & event gifts

Go for a customized gift
instead of a standard premium.

Acrylic embedments

A specialty at SAU, eternalize your product
or keepsake by embedding it in acrylic.

Drop your idea!

Made a rough sketch of your idea? Maybe you have a photo of a model you have seen and like?

Just click start and drop us your idea. Our team at SAU stands ready to start work on your project immediately.

It’s that simple!


Creative designs

Our experienced in-house artwork department stands ready to transform your idea into a design that is ready to be converted into a handmade product.

EU based factory

That’s right, we produce your products in our own factory, right here in Amsterdam.

Quick deliveries

Transparent, low shipping costs, always reviewable upfront. Within the EU, we usually deliver next day.

ECO + sustainability

We at SAU have a strong preference for using materials that are eco-friendly and suitable for recycling, such as acrylic and wood.

Split invoice

Sharing costs between several companies? Let us worry about the invoice by splitting it for you.

Recent projects

be Inspired

We create

That is what we do. In our production facility based in Amsterdam we handcraft your ideas into financial tombstones, awards and acrylic embedments, and ship them all over the world.

Dear Gepke,

The tombstones just arrived in Stockholm and we are super satisfied.

Wow, amazing tombstones! 😊
Super high quality and extremely nice finishing.

Great job! We look forward to producing additional tombstones together with you in the future.

Dear Sarah,

In the meantime we had the chance to take a look at the final product – it’s amazing, so congrats to your excellent designers and craftsmen!

The trophy is very appealing to all of us; we especially like the color of the green bottom element. The spinner gives the trophy a special touch, that was a great idea!

So, many thanks for this high-quality trophy and keep up the good work.

Hi SAU team,

We have just received out tombstone and are very happy with how it turned out! Thank you again for all your support on this project!

The client has also received their tombstones and was extremely impressed with how dynamic and fun they are.

It has been a pleasure to work with you and we look forward to working with you in the future.


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