Start your idea

Asking a fee proposal with SAU is easy! You can start your idea on our website, call us, or send us an email. One of our sales managers will contact you to confirm receipt of your request and will ask you some additional questions if more information is required to launch the designing process. After this step, you can sit back and relax!

Designs – 3D rendered

SAU has an inhouse design department. We will provide you with multiple 3d rendered concepts and a corresponding quote.

Fee quote

Big advantage to our clients is our inhouse production facility. We know exactly how your design will be produced. This results into accurate designs, that will fit your budget and expectations. Very efficient and no unpleasant surprises upon receipt!

Design for manufacturing

Once you have selected the final design, the design department will create a technical design for approval that includes measurements, a top view, a front view and a perspective view.

Order confirmation

Your account manager will email you the final technical design and order confirmation for approval, plus an Order & Invoicing form to be completed. If you want to split the invoice between banks, this is the time to provide us with that information. We kindly ask you to have the Order & Invoicing competed by each paying bank or institution and email us the allocation of the costs in a seperate Excel sheet.


After receipt of the signed documents we will launch the production of your sample or full order. Producing you product inhouse enables us to provide you with real time updates during production at any time.


SAU offers low shipment costs. Within the EU we can delivery most of our clients next day. If you want us to split the shipment, please feel free to reach out. This can be easily arranged.


If you want to split the invoice between banks, we kindly ask you to provide us with completed Order & Invoicing forms and to email us an allocation of the costs in an Excel sheet.