Our Eco policy.

Read all about how SAU deals with the environment.

Strijbosch Acrylics Unlimited, your green financial tombstone supplier!

Just as our clients we acknowledge the importance of sustainability. We are proud to be known as a green tombstone supplier with several unique services in this area.  

European based factory

SAU combines outgoing shipments to a single pick-up and we have contracted partners that help us to minimize environmental impacts, for example by using electric vehicles. As we produce locally, we contribute to minimize pollution through transport. With our in house production facilities, we avoid being effected by fluctuation in air freight costs. If you order with SAU, import duties are not applicable within the EU! In case of foreign delivery and billing, VAT (*) is not applicable either!

(*) Within the European Union a VAT number is required.

Recycling programme

SAU prefers to work with raw materials that are certified and suitable for recycling. That is one of the reasons we prefer to work with acrylic instead of crystal. We cannot recycle crystal. All our leftovers, spares and other remnants are gathered and brought to the nearest recycle plant. Upon request we can collect SAU-made tombstones for recycling. Please contact our sales team for more information about our recycling programme.

Inhouse production

Order your products straight from the source! We have an in-house factory which brings many advantages to our clients. We can be very flexible, offer a quick turnaround and avoid inefficient and air polluted air freights and import duties.