Creative designs

Our experienced in-house artwork department stands ready to transform your idea into a design that is ready to be converted into a handmade product. The strive for perfection, every single day!

EU based factory

Order your products straight from the source! We have an in-house factory which brings many advantages to our clients. We can be very flexible, offer a quick turnaround and avoid inefficient and air polluted air freights and import duties.

Quick deliveries

Standard low shipping costs and known upfront. Normally within the EU we deliver in one day.

Besides that we can offer…

ECO + suistainability

SAU has a strong preference to work with materials that are suitable for recycling, like acrylic and wood.

Our wastage, spares…

Split invoice

Do you want to share your costs with other companies involved? Not a problem.

We have an Order & Invoicing form…