Who we are.


Strijbosch Acrylics Unlimited (SAU) was established in 1989 by Rogier Strijbosch after graduating from the regarded Dutch Gerrit Rietveld Art Academy, with a specialty in Industrial Design. An acquaintance pointed out to Rogier that American banks had the custom of commemorating deals, mergers and acquisitions by handing out gifts to all involved parties. As nod to the advertisements in the newspapers these gifts were aptly named financial tombstones, or as the Americans call them, dealtoys.

When European banks introduced the financial tombstone custom they first bought and imported them from the United States, a lengthy and costly endeavour. Shortly thereafter SAU | Amsterdam was established as the first European financial tombstone provider, solely working with acrylics.

Now, 30 years later, SAU has developed and grown into one of the biggest providers of financial tombstones and more, worldwide. With the production facility still based in Amsterdam, SAU not only provides the market of financial tombstones on a daily basis, but also creates awards, (corporate) gifts and special acrylic embedments. The entire team of SAU goes to work with the same enthusiasm Rogier Strijbosch had when he first started 30 years ago.