Looking for a budget tombstone?

With our inhouse production facility, we have the opportunity to offer you products in every price range.

be Affordable

At SAU we are aware that not every project has a vast budget, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be of service. Through our own Artwork department and machine park we have the knowhow and possibilities to create a design fitting any budget, or are otherwise able to guide you in the right direction.

For example, a tombstone with an external print lends itself perfectly to commemorate a smaller merger or acquisition. Events with a give-away on a smaller budget aren’t foreign to us either, we will make sure you have a gift for every visitor.

Visit our webshop www.cheaptombstones.com for our full line of affordable tombstone options. Our webshop also features a design tool with which you can create and add your own text and image formatting, saving you costs on the design aspect of your tombstone.

Whatever your budget, we do our best to be affordable.



Creative designs

Our experienced in-house artwork department stands ready to transform your idea into a design that is ready to be converted into a handmade product.

EU based factory

That’s right, we produce your products in our own factory, right here in Amsterdam.

Quick deliveries

Transparent, low shipping costs, always reviewable upfront. Within the EU, we usually deliver next day.

ECO + suistainability

We at SAU have a strong preference for using materials that are eco-friendly and suitable for recycling, such as acrylic and wood.

Split invoice

Sharing costs between several companies? Let us worry about the invoice by splitting it for you.

Drop your idea!

Made a rough sketch of your idea? Maybe you have a photo of a model you have seen and like?

Just click start and drop us your idea. Our team at SAU stands ready to start work on your project immediately.

It’s that simple!

be Inspired

We create

That is what we do. In our production facility based in Amsterdam we handcraft your ideas into financial tombstones, awards and acrylic embedments, and ship them all over the world.